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Replica of Motherland: Fort Salem Military Medallion / Coin

Replica of Motherland: Fort Salem Military Medallion / Coin

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LAST CALL Replica of Motherland: Fort Salem Military Medallion / Coin

This is a MADE TO ORDER item for a replica of the military witch combat medallion featured in Motherland: Fort Salem


The medallion is made using die-struck coining technology, the same used for REAL MILITARY CHALLENGE COINS!

Metal: SILVER nickel/zinc
Size: 1 1/4" diameter
Thickness: 2mm
Necklace: 30" beaded chain silver
Front image: simplified replica of US witch military logo
Back image: simplified flaming torch, ribbons*, laurel

*at this time, the medallion is not customizable from my shop. Please take it to an engraving place AFTER purchase to have it engraved with your name and rank.

This is a practical REPLICA and as such, there will be differences between the TV show prop item and this product. I do not give refunds just because it's not 100% the same as what you see on TV.


Please note that untracked shipping is cheap but not as safe as tracked shipping. As we do not offer refunds on lost or stolen packages, we strongly encourage everyone to purchase tracked shipping. If you choose untracked shipping (eg: small packet air) you will not receive a tracking number when your item ships. 

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