Machine Embroidery Instructions



ITH Zipped Vinyl Bags 5x7 ITH Unlined Zippered Vinyl Bag 5x7 
ITH Keychains 4x4 General ITH Keychain 4x4
ITH Coffee Cup Sleeve 6x10 Tabby Cat ITH Coffee Cup Sleeve 6x10
ITH Plushie Keychains 4x4 Tim Hortons ITH Plushie Keychain 4x4
ITH Card Covers 5x7 TBD
ITH Notebook Cover 6x10 Slava Ukraini ITH A6 Notebook Cover 6x10
ITH Hand Sanitizer Holder 5x7 Ukrainian Sunflower ITH Hand Sanitizer Holder 5x7
ITH Shoe Wings 4x4, 5x7

ITH Shoe Wings (All Designs) 4x4, 5x7

ITH Headband Mouse Ears 4x4 ITH Headband Mouse Ears 4x4
Applique for Various Designs Applique for Various Designs
ITH Dice Tray 5x7, 6x10 ITH Dice Tray

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