Frequently Asked Questions

Before messaging me directly, please see if your question is covered by any of the following common questions: 

Q: Do you sell your products anywhere else? 

A: Yes! We also have an Etsy store for those who prefer to shop within Etsy. Please note that not all of my designs are posted there. All currently designs are posted to www.mochimakes.com. Shop MochiMakes via Etsy at mochimakesshop.etsy.com

Q: Why are prices seemingly the same on Etsy as on your independent site? 

A: Etsy charges tax and fees as separate charges to your order automatically at checkout, something sellers cannot control. Here on www.mochimakes.com, these taxes and fees are already included in the price, meaning that the official website prices are actually cheaper at the end of the day! 

Q: Do you take custom cosplay commissions for embroidery? 

A: Yes! Please contact me at mochi.makes.shop@gmail.com with details on your design needs for your costume and from there we can discuss the quote, deposit, and timeline for your request. 

Q: I bought a design file and I can't get it to work on my machine. Will you walk me through it? 

A: Unfortunately I do NOT offer any technical support for digital designs. I do however advertise the skill level of each digital embroidery file so that people have more information on the difficulty of the design before purchasing it. Limited projects I hope to eventually offer a recorded tutorial on, but I do not offer any technical or trouble shooting support for my designs. However, if you truly feel that there is something wrong with the design itself that is causing problems with the stitch-out, please email me asap with pictures of the error at mochi.makes.shop@gmail.com for me to investigate further. 

Q: Can I resell Mochi Makes design files? 

A: NO! Reselling of digital media in this way is theft. If you have a friend who wants the design file, redirect them to purchase it here. Digital design files are only licensed to be used by the original purchaser. 

Q: Can I use Mochi Makes design files to make physical products for my own shop? 

A: YES! All design patterns are licensed to be used in the production of physical commercial goods, just not resold as digital designs themselves. Please just be sure to credit the design and link it to www.mochimakes.com as appropriate. 

Q: I like [X] design, but it doesn't come in the size I need. Will you make [X] design in other sizes? 

A: Please purchase the available digital design file and email me with your order # and your desired size of that already purchased design and I will email you the size you are looking for. 

Q: Does MochiMakes Collect Duties/Tariffs/VAT in the UK & EU On Behalf of Customers?

A: All import fees of any variety (duties, tariffs, VAT, etc) are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Mochi Makes does not collect any of these fees on behalf of the purchaser, nor do we report them to the appropriate government body. Please be aware that after your item has shipped and entered your country, you may be charged the applicable fees before it will be delivered to you. Refusing to pay these fees does not constitute a lost or stolen package. We do not offer refunds or returns on items where you refused to pay the appropriate fees. Please always contact your country's local post office for more information.