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Patch Felt - 2mm Polyester 1 Metre

Patch Felt - 2mm Polyester 1 Metre

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Stabilizing Polyester 2mm Thick Patch Felt 1 Metre

Thickness: 2mm

Measurements: 100cm x 45 cm 

Shipping time: this product takes up to 1 week to ship. 

See colour variant selection. Detailed colour swatches available soon. 

This incredibly dense polyester felt patch bass prevents the push/pull warping common to thinner patch materials such as canvas and twill and this provides a great foundation to your patch design, especially if the design features a lot of stitch density. Save on thread by swapping out a fill stitch for a corresponding felt base colour. 

Please note that the price of this product reflects the import fees, storage costs, and labour to source this product directly from the manufacturer. 

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