CUSTOM COLOUR Add-on Grisha Patch Colour

CUSTOM COLOUR Add-on Grisha Patch Colour

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This listing is for the ADD-ON of custom to the background of my Grisha logo Patch

Choose your PRIMARY COLOUR Kefta colour for the background (shown in grey in link) for this patch:

1.Purple: Alkemi & Durast

2. Red: Heartrender & Healer

3. White: Tailor

4. Blue: Squaller, Tidemaker, Inferni

5. Dark Grey: The Darkling

6. Yellow Gold: Sun Summoner

Choose your SECONDARY COLOUR accent (border and logo) colour:

1. Black

2. Yellow Gold

3. Silver Grey

Include this add-on to your checkout at the same time when you purchase the patch! I will not make your patch without confirmation from you. This "item" does not ship, it's a custom add on SERVICE for colour change in a purchased patch only. Colour shades are the same as featured in my other Grisha Order patches - please see those individual listings for shade reference.